We wanted more...

Elizabeth Distante and Laura Scheving, respectively

We, as two college students, wanted to do more, be more, see more, paint more, draw more, act more, care more. Laura Scheving got sick of art piling up with no home and saw a bigger and better purpose for it. Elizabeth Distante agreed and joined the movement in which we named Art4Purpose.

Elephants were the first focus--creating in multiple different mediums. We picked a big-hearted non-profit that helped the cause, such as U.S. Friends of The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, and then shared the art and mission on personal social medias. We got a great response, thus started developing a name, logo, and created a Facebook page and Instagram account.

And then on April 21, 2016 we became an official Non-profit Organization!

The vision

...is to create a big enough gallery and have enough partnerships where one can purchase a piece of artwork and select the charity in which they would like their money to go to.